It is designed for the calculation of transient processes at PSPP and high-pressure HPP with branched pressure systems, surge tanks and units with Francis turbines and pump-turbines. With the help of the program, it is possible to calculate pressure systems of PSPPs and HPPs of almost any configuration. The computer model includes an automatic control system and a pressure relief valves.

Initial window of the program WCR
Initial window of the program WCR


  • Fracis turbines and pump-turbines;
  • Turbine and pump operation;
  • Pressure relief valve on each turbine;
  • Main and tailwater conduits;
  • Up to 10 penstocks;
  • Upstream and downstream surge tanks;
  • Regulation according to the law of changing the opening of the wicket gate or the turbine governor;
  • Transient processes:
    • put in operation;
    • load changing;
    • discharge changing;
    • pull up the unit;
    • load rejection;
    • impute failure.