About us

‘Enterprise for research, design and construction of hydropower facilities ‘White Coal’ LLC was established in 1991 by employees of the Department of Water Energy Use of Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (former MISI).

The main activities of White Coal LLC are as follows:

  • Mathematical modeling and calculations of pressure systems and hydraulic units of hydroelectric power plants, pumped storage power plants with upstream and downstream surge tanks, tidal power plants, pumping stations in cooling systems and technical water supply of nuclear power plants, including responsible consumers;
  • Development of computer programs for calculating transient processes in the above systems (starts and stops of hydraulic units in complex branched pressure systems, including those with surge tanks, load/discharge changing, load rejection of hydroelectric power plants and pumped storage power plants, starts, stops, impute failure, automatic re-engagement in NPP cooling systems, etc.). For many years, our programs have been used by domestic manufacturers of hydroturbines ‘Power Machines – LMZ’, ‘Tyazhmash’, foreign companies ‘Turboinstitut’, ‘Hidroing’ (Slovenia), Vaptek (Bulgaria). During the existence of the organization, there was no case that the results of the calculations diverged from the results of field tests of the systems of hydroelectric power plants, pumped storage power plants, nuclear power plants;
  • Field tests of pressure systems and hydraulic units (turbines, pumps, pump-turbines) in transient processes and efficiency (including dozens of HPPs, the Moscow Canal, Kursk NPP-1 and Kudankulam NPP in India).

The organization has been a member of SRO Association ‘ENERGOPROEKT’ since 2010.

Since 1993 in Vitebskenergo of the Republic of Belarus successfully operates the small Dobromyslyanskaya HPP with serial pumps and engines as turbines and generators. All work from the idea and project to construction and commissioning was carried out by our company.


The programs for the calculation of the transient processes of the diversion HPPs (and separately for the PSPP) with branched pressure pipe systems, presure relief valves, upstream and downstream surge tanks allow investigating transients in the pressure system, hydraulic machine, automatic control system of the units and station level, and the isolated power system.

All programs have been verified by the results of numerous field tests.

The programs can be transformed into computer models of specific HPPs and PSPPs for use in the automatic control subsystems.

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Our programs use:

Hidroing  d.o.o.


Kolektor Turboinštitut d.o.o.

PJSC “Power machines – LMZ”

JSC “Tyazhmash”

Field testing of hydraulic units of hydroelectric power stations and pump stations

Field testing of the HPP and pump station units in steady-state conditions and during transient processes remains one of the main activities of the White Coal LLC. Tests are carried out to calibrate flowmeters in absolute ways, determining the efficiency, power consumption and performance characteristics of the units, the power characteristics of the directing device, to optimize the settings of the turbine regulators and group control systems.


Name in English:

White Coal LLC

Name in Russian:

OOO ‘Bely ugol’

Legal address:

115093, 12, B. Serpukhovskaya Str. 60, Moscow

Mailing address:

115093, Moscow-93, PO box 31