The program for calculating the transient processes of derivational hydroelectric power plants with branched pressure water conduit systems, presure relief valves, upstream and downstream surge tanks, Kaplan and Deriaz turbines for studying transient processes in a pressure system, a hydraulic machine, an automatic control system of the units and station level, and an isolated power system.

Initial window of the program WCKP
Initial window of the program WCKPE
  • Kaplan and Deriaz turbines and pump-turbines of double-action;
  • Turbine and pump modes of operation;
  • Pressure relief valve on each turbine;
  • Main and tailwater conduits;
  • Up to 10 penstocks;
  • Upstream and downstream surge tanks;
  • Regulation according to the law of changing the opening of the wicket gate and changing the angle of the blades or the turbine governor by gate-blade relationships dependence;
  • Transient processes:
    • put in operation;
    • load changing;
    • discharge changing;
    • pull up the unit;
    • load rejection;
    • impute failure;
    • frequency control in isolated power system.