Field testing of HPP and PS units

The most recent field tests were conducted:

  • on the Verhne-Teriberskaya HPP with Francis turbine with a capacity of 120 MW (Kolenergo), where it was possible to reduce the maximum speed of rotation with load shedding to permissible values;
  • at the Kureyskaya HPP (5 Frencis turbines with a total capacity of 600 MW), where complex tests of units and a system of group regulation of hydroelectric power stations were conducted in connection with the problem of frequency and power regulation in the Norilskenergo system;
  • at HPP-34 with two Kaplan turbines of 1,7 MW Mozhaiskogo waterworks of Mosvodokanal to test gate-blade relationships, clarify the reasons for failure to guarantee the maximum capacity, verify the characteristics of turbines and build a real operational performance of the hydroelectric power station, taking into account the variable hydraulic regime of the tailwater tunnel, where, depending on load units and the mark of the tailrace is established non-pressure (as per the project) or pressure flow;
  • at the pumping station No. 182 of the Moscow Canal for the purpose of calibrating flow meters, determining the efficiency, consumption and power characteristics of the new axial pumps produced by Uralgidromash, installed in place of those who have worked since the end of the 30s;
  • at the cascade of the Kuban HPP: HPP-1, HPP-3, HPP-4. Determination of real power and consumption characteristics of turbines and hydroelectric power stations as a whole;
  • on the hydrounit OGA-5 of the Kislogubskaya tidal power plant. Determination of energy and dynamic parameters of the hydrounit and station;
  • on the circulation pumps of the Kursk NPP to determine the flow characteristics.