Mathematical modeling of transient processes of HPPs, PSPPs and PSs

The practice of participation in projects, competition in the market for design services indicate an increase in the requirements for the validity, reliability and economic efficiency of design decisions, which puts forward the study of transients of hydroelectric power stations, pumped storage power plants and large pumping stations (including pumping stations for technical water supply to thermal and nuclear power plants) as relevant.

Transient processes have a decisive influence on the composition and design parameters of the pressure systems of derivational HPPs and PSPPs, as well as determine the nature of the change in the plant’s power, which is necessary to assess the regulatory capabilities of HPPs in the power system.

The correct estimation of transients at the design stage is especially important. The design solutions should ensure the operability of the water supply system and equipment in all situations arising during operation. Practice shows that the only reliable means for solving this problem is the use of mathematical models describing the operation of the projected station in transient processes.