The program is designed for the calculation of transient processes at HPPs with branched pressure systems, surge tank and hydroelectric units with Pelton turbines.

The program allows you to calculate the pressure systems of HPPs of almost any configuration. It is envisaged that two different types of Pelton turbines can operate simultaneously at the HPP. The computer model includes an automatic control system, and an isolated power system.

Начальное окно программы WCPDE
Начальное окно программы WCPDE


  • Two types of Pelton turbines;
  • Main conduit;
  • Up to 10 penstocks;
  • Upstream surge tank;
  • Regulation according to the law of changing the opening of the needle and cutter or by the turbine governor;
  • Transient processes:
    • put in operation;
    • load changing;
    • pull up the unit;
    • load rejection;
    • frequency control in isolated power system.